Established in 2005, our after-sales service centre is one of the few centres in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that offers a full range of services such as repair and polishing, to replacement of parts for watches and chronographs as well as complicated tourbillon, retrograde and alarm watches. With professional experience in horology, and having worked in hi-tech laboratories, we are able to provide restoration services of antique watches and clocks in our humble workshop.

Others service provided include restoration dial/hands (watch only), shortening bracelet (Steel, Rose, Yellow Gold 18K and White Gold 18K), refurbishing/replating casing and bracelet, repair bracelet links. We sell & service new watch, clock, tools, movement spare parts and antique clock in all brands.

Introducing Neuchatel Time's founder and chief technician Dato' Simon Lee.

His interest of being a watchmaker was sparked during his early childhood as his father himself was a watchmaker back in the 1950s.

With 40 years of professional experience in horology under his belt, Dato' Lee has been professionally trained by some of the leading watch manufacturers in the world including Jaeger LeCoultre, Zenith, Ebel, Tag Heuer and Parminigiani, just to name a few.

Our services

Restoration Dial & Hands for Watches

Shortening & Lengthening Bracelet for Watches 

Refurbishing & Replating for Casing and Bracelet

Repair Bracelet Links

Overhaul Service for Watches and Antique Clocks

Battery Replacement

Valuation for Watches and Antique Clocks

Buy & Sell Pre-Own Watches

Buy & Sell Antique Clocks


Neuchatel Time Service & Restoration, including but not limited to the following brands:-